Workspace management & User availability

Robust time management and social distancing solutions for the workplace of the future

Embrava’s mission is to increase productivity challenges in the modern workplace, helping organisations protect their most valuable asset – the time of their employees. Over the last several decades, companies have transitioned from separate offices to more open-plan environments to provide a smart workspace that meets the varying needs of their employees and to reduce real-estate and operational costs.


Embrava Desk Sign is a robust, app-controlled solution which instantly displays workspace availability, allowing users to find colleagues, and offering reporting to understand how workspaces are being used. The Desk Sign devices can be managed in the workspace or remotely via apps such as Outlook, and offer touch screen functionality and simple check-in/out with just the tap of an ID card.

The Blynclight product range helps users to quickly determine whether a collague is on a call, busy with a deadline or available. Solutions include: the Blynclight Standard Status Light; Blynclight PLUS, which also offers audio alerts; Blynclight Mini, ideal for mounting to laptops and monitors; Blynclight Wireless, with 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) connection via a USB dongle; and a fully automated dynamic nameplate, perfect for agile workspaces. These solutions sync with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others to establish a user’s status.


Embrava empowers employees by helping them take control of their time and provides businesses with the tools for managing social distanting policies and desk cleaning protocol. The reporting feature helps organisations meet the needs of their employees, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

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